Seaweed Farming Begins in Southeast

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Capital City Weekly] - by Mary Catherine Martin - October 14, 2016.

A year ago, Trevor Sande wasn’t thinking much about seaweed.  Early this November, however, he and the employees at Hump Island Oyster Company in Ketchikan, which Sande founded and owns, will plant five acres of bull kelp and ribbon kelp, all originating from local seaweed.  Click on the banner to read more.


April 29, 2017  By JOHN LEE MCLAUGHLIN, Ketchikan Daily News

KETCHIKAN, Alaska (AP) — Mariculture crews landed a disappointing first haul of planted seaweed recently near Ketchikan as part of an experiment on commercial kelp farming in the state.  The University of Alaska Southeast, a seaweed product specialist known as Blue Evolution and a handful of commercial kelp growers are collaborating on the effort, with one growing operation near Ketchikan and two sites at Kodiak Island, where the first harvest is expected to start May 4, according to project stakeholders.  Click on the banner to read more.

Hump Island Oyster Company's Trevor Sande Entrepreneur of the Year

Posted by Leila Kheiry | Jan 31, 2017

Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce Board president Marc Guevarra presented the Entrepreneur of the Year award to Trevor Sande and his Hump Island Oyster Company.  “In a short time span, the company has become a commercial-scale success, and it’s gained a reputation for a product of exceptional quality,” Guevarra said.  Sande’s other business, Marble Construction, also received an award: Business of the Year. That was presented by Chamber board member Jason Custer.  Click the banner to read more.

Julie Sande (middle) and Buddy Anderson (right) receive the award from Governor Walker