The Hump Island Oyster Company is owned and operated by the Sande family. They are proud to produce an oyster that is a beautiful and briny reflection of the wild place they call home.

alaskans from the start

Ed and Nellie Sande traveled to the frontier fishing and logging town of Ketchikan from Stanwood, Washington in the early 1920's and fell in love with the last frontier -Alaska.  They started a men's clothing store in 1927 and helped build the First Lutheran church in 1930 with a handful of their fellow Norwegian neighbors.  From them came several generations of seafaring men. Their son Jim, grandson Jan, and great-grandsons Trevor and Shawn all fished commercially. Jim and Jan developed careers in the Maritime industry and both Captained ships for the Alaska Marine Highway System with Jim serving as Captain for the AMHS M/V Taku and Jan serving as Captain for the AMHS M/V Aurora. The ships wheel prominently depicted in the Hump Island Oyster Company logo is a tribute to their decades at sea, safely bringing travelers home.   

Ed Sande and children on a row along the Ketchikan waterfront in 1927.

Ed Sande and children on a row along the Ketchikan waterfront in 1927.

An oyster company is born

The Hump Island Oyster farm started in 2010 when Trevor Sande, a civil engineer by day, hung 150,000 oysters at a small tideland lease a few miles from the family home at Hump Island.  He quickly realized what a special place he had chosen for growing oysters.  As the tides ebb and flow twice a day, the deep nutrient rich waters of Clarence Strait and Behm Canal are pushed though the narrow passages between the island and our floating farm.  This upwelling of water creates a very unique flavor and some truly special oysters.   

The farm has nearly doubled in size every year and is now ready to share these cold water beauties with the world.  The oysters are raised in trays suspended from cedar floats.  They are sorted and tumbled as they grow to develop deep cups filled with rich meat.  The fresh and pristine Alaska water produces some very bold oysters.   

The farm was created with a larger global community in mind as the Hump Island Oyster Company hopes to perfect the art and science of ocean farming in this unique region of Southeast, Alaska. This goes hand in hand with the goal of helping to build an industry which benefits the local community, region, and State. The team is committed to provide encouragement, support, tools and training to other interested farmers to grow an industry which has positive impacts for the planet.